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Art Night Thursday – 11th March, 2019

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Art Night Thursday – Schedule

A enormous creative effort comes together every 2nd Thursday of every month, in the form of ‘Art Night Thursday’. A night when almost all the art galleries in the Mumbai Art District are open till 9.30pm, putting forward an orgy of eclectic visual arts.

As we walked into each gallery, it felt like we were entering a parallel universe, each one a completely different flavour and feel, portraying a multitude of art styles, movements and techniques.

Gallerie Mirchandani + Steinruecke

Recitation by ABUL HISHAM

Out of the sweltering Mumbai heat, as we ascended the wooden steps towards the gallery, we were ready to descend into a world created by Abul Hisham. The set displayed here, called Recitation, is a social discourse on the various evils that destroy human faculties. The first set called “Complaining Man II” shows an inebriated man and his alter ego splayed in the background. It is a running dialogue on the degrading yet uplifting experience, alcohol has on the human mind.

From observant wolves to charcoal rain to sound pollution, Abul Hisham’s work invokes a type of revolutionary detox to the observer’s minds. There is high drama, a conflict and a disharmony in every piece.

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Akara Art

Perhaps it will fly away if I get up? By Amrita Shergill

From one multiverse to another, the work on display by Amrita Shergill was intriguing and insightful. I feel that there is a hidden story to each of her paintings. In all her work there is a sense of suspense, something unsaid, something unspoken. It is like those painting are screaming out a back story, an emotion, a story tellers twist.

The nude sketches on the other hand, were direct and straight, displaying the elegance and beauty of the human body. There is a certain universal truth to these sketches, a certain honesty which make them all the more real.

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Soil as witness | Memory as wound by Apnavi Makanji

This was the first solo exhibition by Apnavi Makanji at Tarq. Work displayed here was multi-sensory, i.e. accompanied by an olfactory delight. Each work had a bottle of soil next to it, each one having a distinct smell. The smells along with the work created a unique sensory delight. There was life surging through each work, a sort of unique creative energy flowed through the paper. I could see the delight on the faces of the viewers. The work itself felt as if nature had shaped it, as if Gaia used Apnavi as a medium to express itself.

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Chatterjee & Lal

A way out by Nityan Unnikrishnan

Nityan Unnikrishnan is a time traveller, I am certain of it. With each painting that I viewed I became more certain of the fact that Nityan has a special gift, he has ability to live in more than the 3 dimensions that we mere mortals reside in. The artist’s special relationship with time gives rise to some very unique and awe-inspiring work.

Other than the fact Nityan is a keen observer of everyday city and is able to bring these to the canvas in intricate detail, there is the 4th dimension of time which is masterfully depicted. The past and the future all exist at the same moment, for example in the painting in which a group of people are cooking, the painting hanging on the wall, which is a painting of the same room, shows them eating the very same food they are cooking and in that painting another painting shows that they have finished eating and the chairs lie in abandon. This powerful imagery reminds me of the movie ‘Inception’ by Christopher Nolan – “A dream Within a Dream, Within another Dream”

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