Jim Carrey: Your vocation chooses you!

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

“Everything around is speaking to us,” Jim Carrey’s words inadvertently reflect Ieclectica’s primary purpose. This video is great reflective material for some weekend introspection. The way he romps about in a pool of paint, bearing his heart out, creating a design of his inner world on the canvas – isn’t that something we all yearn to do? Or maybe not, maybe it’s for people who welcome isolation and solitude with open arms and celebrate the camaraderie with the power of creation. ‘Creating something’ takes you really close to the contours of the soul – which is why it’s so pure, which is why a piece of art always evokes and stirs something within – because it emerges from someone’s beautiful inner world – a world which usually gets fogged up by the day-to-day running around.

Someday I wish to have huge art space, just like this beautiful man, who doesn’t paint because he wants to prove something, but because he wants to heal, be loved, play, bask in the beauty of colours, express his indignation occasionally and happiness from time to time just like you and me.

So maybe this video can inspire you to pick the paintbrush and help you shed those inhibitions of being judged in every self-constructed slot of your life. And when you create something and chance upon it again after a year or so, it will just talk to you, prod you, show you the mirror, brings tears into your eyes or maybe just pat you on your back like that long lost earnest friend you forgot to catch up with for a while.

We may choose our vocation or we may not, but the least we can do is be a little different, inquire a little, stray a little, be a little quirky and say ‘hi’ to that inner world from time to time – and as Carrey rightly says that maybe then we will have a shot at being original. And being original doesn’t mean one has to produce a magnum opus but just the tiniest bit of love and honesty while creating something, goes a long way.

A few of Jim’s creations

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We are all broken



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