Interesting Street art and beautiful poetry Mumbai
  • Manoj Kumar

Street art from the suburbs of Mumbai

A hustling bustling pot bouillon,

of dreams and desires,

That is the Mumbai,

I see every day.

Behind its smoggy veil though,

There is rice and pav for one and all,

there is hunger and exploitation also in the midst of it all,

Some play policemen and some play chor,

Some play rich but are actually poor,

Some play poor but are actually poor,

Some play with lust and some with greed,

some with piety and some with zeal,

There is hatred, horror and resentment in some,

there is love, compassion and peace in some,

there is perseverance, direction and pertinency in some,

there are addictions, lethargy and obsessions in some,

The north, the south, the suburbs,

the soil, the sea, the beaches,

the trees, the shrubs, the grass,

the roads, the taxis, the rickshaws,

the cars, the metros, the trains,

the money, the rich, the poor,

the pious, the sinner, the divine

the lovers, the whores, the fuckboys,

the cops, the offenders, the gangsters,

the bars, the clubs, the dancers,

the food, the food, the food,

the people, the culture, the society.

My city dangles from extreme to another,

swinging amorously through every gradient and colour,

And all of it packed into one single greasy parcel,

Like an eagle soaring above it all,

an artist peers down this endless hall,

her hands, moving on their own,

paints the city's misery and equanimity,

all across its endless walls!

Street Art from Mumbai

Street art Painting of a girl skipping and jumping
Street Art in Bandra Mumbai near Bird Song Cafe

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