• Manoj Kumar

The Great Debt we pay - A year in Lockdown - 2020

Where are those peaks, snowclad and majestic?

where are those skies, blue and deep?

where are those rivers, robust and white?

where are those winds, cool and gentle?

where are those meadows, flowering and green?

where are those shores, pristine and cool?

where are those roads, untravelled and mysterious?

We are in Hell! that I am sure of now!

for the peaks, skies, rivers, winds, meadows, shores and roads,

they are all there, existing as they were,

It's all of us, not just me,

every one of us, each and every human soul,

we are to be confined and enshrined, in our concrete tombs,

with epitaphs that read our names and glooms,

It is humorous to think of these concrete tombs now,

how we worshipped and desired for these,

how we hungered and fought for these,

how we killed, maimed and murdered for these,

all these years, up until now,

forgetting all those that existed above, below and beyond

We are indeed funny creatures,

we chose to be in our tombs when the worlds called to us,

and now that the world has closed its gates,

we sit here and cry for those worlds that we had chosen to desecrate.

Humanity, you, me, one and all,

we pay the price,

for the debt we as a whole, as a species,

have raised in the last 200 years,

and all the while we clapped and smiled at all that we possess,

then in act of pure transgress

we declared dominion over everything and everyone

Our delusional selves told ourselves without leaving none

the debt is not a debt but manna from the heavens,

all of it,

just for us,

ours to take,

ours to keep.

But now we know,

no debt is ever forgiven,

no debt is ever forgotten,

pay we shall, no matter how large or small the sum,

entombed in our holes,

with our phones, Netflixes and comforts

to endure and suffer,

with no death in sight.

Do not rage, oh silly human, do not rage,

as the dying light is already dead,

suffer and suffer,

with no death in sight.

#poem #poetry #lockdown #covid19 #pandemic #debt #humanity

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