The Hamster Wheel

The Hamster Wheel

Updated: Apr 5

The green note - A trap,
a malicious fuel,
for creating more desire,
a fake Utopian quagmire,
deceptive hierarchies & egotistical positions,
mundane stability & robotic precision,
staring into virtual abysses,
instead of the effulgent sunshine & nature’s many crevices.
Medal of honour for following routine,
what about honouring inner landscapes & restoring the soul’s sheen.
You GOT TO DO, what you GOT TO DO...
But how can one just DO and not BE,
how can one just be AWAKE and still be ASLEEP,
how can one carry load after load,
thinking it’s some sort of a reward,
hectoring oneself into carrying a self-inflicting sword. 
Pushing everyone out of the way,
the first one to hold victory’s torch,
the first one to show off one’s palm's scorch.
When do we purge ourselves from this feeling of being a race horse
Or, we GOT TO DO what we GOT TO DO,
Or, we need to stand atop a seesaw,
run like a clown,
from one end to the other,
until the center of pivot,
holds us,
supports us,
nourishes us,
and finally the joy of finding our true selves becomes normalcy,
becomes the most fabulous journey of transformation,
from living corpses to beautiful butterflies,
from dead hopes to peaceful ambiguities,
from panic-stricken anxious doers to blissfully foolish flower children.


This stone mask from the pre-ceramic neolithic period dates to 7000 BC and is probably the oldest mask in the world. Picture credit – Wikipedia


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