The Nonchalant Cat

Updated: 5 days ago

The Nonchalant Cat

Is the man happy, sad, disgruntled, blissful? The fact of the matter is that we shall never know, until we observe, inquire, get into the depth of ‘What is’. He is maybe all at once, or maybe none at all. Maybe he is predominantly going through just one of the aforementioned emotions . The truth is that the adamantine walls of his reality cannot be conclusively identified brick by brick, block by block until we stop and ask. For now he remains a big fat pool of possibilities and probabilities, just like the Schrödinger's cat, that famous thought experiment.

Maybe the nonchalant cat can teach us a thing or two about not getting driven by clichéd clues such as a ‘torn shoe’ or a ‘happy face’ or a ‘big car’ as an absolute truth about a person's state. Look into it if you have the inclination but relying solely on a flimsy opinion - the la-di-da cat has only one response to that, ‘Talk to meow hands or claws rather.’

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