This ‘Man and Woman’ sculpture helps realize ‘impermanence’

Created by Georgian artist Tamara Kvesitadze, this ‘man and woman’ sculpture was designed in 2007 and installed after three years in Batumi, Georgia. These steel sculptures are inspired by the protagonists of a novel written by an Azerbaijani author - a Muslim boy and a Georgian princess named Ali and Nino.

In the story, the two characters meet at that perfect intersection in life when they get to experience each other’s love for a while, and then it’s time to part ways again due to the invasion by Soviet Russia, thus bidding goodbye to that feeling when everything felt simply aligned.

The sculpture, consisting of steel discs, weighs around seven tonnes and is 26 feet tall, and it takes about 10 minutes to complete one rotation.

Ali and Nino are reminders of the fact that everything comes with the caveat of impermanence - be it a classic love story or that lovely intersection in life when everything feels superbly aligned.

We would love to hear your thoughts about this beautiful sculpture, what kind of feelings does it invoke within you? Do share…

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