World Kindness Day 2019: Flesh and skin and bones!

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Since it is World Kindness Day, this particular painting really inspired me to write some poetry. This piece of art evokes feelings of being kind to the self. While the world is still thoughtlessly mesmerized by traditional connotations of beauty, the trappings and the ornamentation, this painting – ‘Truth coming out of her well’ by JeanLéon Gérôme nudges us to see the naked truth the way it is – because that’s what beauty is, what can be more beautiful than the truth.

Hence on World Kindness Day, let’s take a pledge to be a kind towards ourselves first, and the world will naturally start looking prettier

While you marvel at the silky raven mane,

The long tresses and the glossy strands,

The external hoo-haas and the colourful hairbands,

For me it’s just flesh and skin and bones…

While you gape at that blemish free skin,

As if you’ve tasted the perfect concoction of tonic and gin,

Untainted and unmarked, Not a single scar to tell interesting stories,

Not a mark to witness the light of the effulgent day,

Neither an ounce of character that resembles the rich texture of clay,

For me it’s just flesh and skin and bones.

While you look at that taut body, All gung-ho and stars in your eyes,

That body which bears no stretch marks, like a design of contours and boundaries on a meticulous map,

With no erratic hair, boil scars and tiny eruptions sticking out, acting as a testimony to humanness,

With no pigmentation and discolorations, acting as a living proof of aliveness

For me it’s nothing but flesh and skin and bones…

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